How Much Should your Grocery Bill Be?

Many of us who read the posts on frugal food-related websites will most likely have seen a few posts along the lines of, ‘We feed our family of eight for just $xyz per month,’ or ‘slash your grocery bill by 90%.’ While the headlines of these posts may seem appealing, it can often result in readers thinking that they must be doing something wrong if they are not able to stick to a grocery budget of the same amount as that of the person posting the information. However, this is not the case.

Prices will be Location Dependent

The amount of money you will need to feed your family will depend on the part of the country that you are situated in because some states have more affordable food prices than others. For example, your grocery bill will be far higher in New York than down South. This means that a family of eight living down South will be able to get more value for money than one residing in New York.

Local Produce will Vary

When trying to slash your grocery bill, one of the easiest ways to achieve this is to ensure that you and your family consume as many locally grown forms of produce possible. Anything that has to be transported in from out of town or another country will send your bill skyrocketing.

Different types of fresh produce are grown in various parts of the country as well. This is another reason why you will not be able to replicate someone else’s grocery budget dollar for dollar – even if you prepare the same meals as they do and have a family that is the same size as theirs.

Sales Vary in Each Part of the Country

Another reason why everyone’s grocery budget differs is that sale prices also vary around the country. Although a friend or family member in another state may be getting excellent deals on their meat or chicken, you may not be. For example, chicken breasts may be $2.50 in one part of the country and almost $3.50 elsewhere when they are advertised as being on sale.

Your Family’s Dietary Needs are Unique

No two families will ever have exactly the same dietary needs, meaning that no family’s grocery budget will ever be the same as another family’s. For instance, you may have family members who have gluten or nut allergies, while another family may have a member who is diabetic.

Instead of trying to replicate another family’s grocery budget that you have seen online, it’s recommended that you focus on trying to get the best possible prices for items that you use regularly, as well as staples such as rice, potatoes, sugar, flour, meat, and chicken. If possible, compare the prices between different stores in your area that aren’t too far away from where you live or work. After all, you wouldn’t want to save a few dollars on your groceries, only to spend it on gas.

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