Drastic Measures to Reduce your Grocery Bill

If your family has fallen on financially difficult times, one of the first things you will want to do in order to reduce expenses as much as possible looks for ways to slash your grocery bill – without having to subsist on road kill, beans and rice in the process. Below are a few somewhat more drastic measures you can take to help reduce your grocery bill until such time as you are better off financially.

Cook One Meal for Everyone

These days, far too many families have allowed fussy eating to take over their homes. Not only does this make a lot of extra work for the person who does the cooking; it results in an extremely high grocery bill as well. It will also cause your electricity and/or gas bill to increase because of having to cook additional meals. For example, one family member may state that ‘they aren’t in the mood’ for a particular dish that has been prepared, resulting in the cook having to whip up something different for them.

It is recommended that you have a family meeting to inform everyone why things have to change with regards to meal preparation. Although there may be complaints from some family members, they will soon learn to eat what has been prepared if they are hungry. The only time you should be preparing a different meal for a family member to that which has been prepared for everyone else is if there is an allergy issue or specific dietary requirement.

Stick to a List

When grocery shopping, it is very tempting to place a few extras in your carts such as crisps, cookies and other junk food. However, these impulse buys can add up to 50% on to your grocery spend in little to no time at all. Although everyone deserves a treat from time to time, you don’t want to be spending the bulk of your grocery budget on items that provide no nutritional value to your family.

Before heading to the store, it’s crucial that you take a few minutes to check your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer to see what you really need and make a list of those items. This will ensure that you purchase the essentials without duplicating items that you already have. If there are items that are on sale that you use regularly, consider adding one or two extra of these to your cart – provided that you will be able to finish them up before their expiry date.

Another great way to drastically reduce your grocery bill is to shop less often. Instead of heading to the store for one or two items, wait until you have at least eight to 10 items on your list. This will not only save you time; it will reduce your gas bill as well because you will be making fewer trips to the store than before. You will also be less tempted to make impulse purchases this way.

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