5 Reasons to Go Organic

Although many people dismiss the consumption of organic foods as ‘just another fad,’ this is not the case. Organic foods are classified as those that have been grown or raised without the use of any chemical-based ingredients, hormone supplements or antibiotic ingredients and there are numerous reasons why you should do your best to consume as many organic meats, fruits and vegetables as possible.

1. Avoid a Large Number of Chemical Ingredients

Our bodies are exposed to literally thousands of chemical-based substances each day from personal care items, cleaning products, new clothing and furniture and of course in the foods we eat. To date, more than 600 chemicals have been registered for agricultural use in the United States, and this equates to each person consuming up to 20 pounds’ worth of them each year. Consuming as many organic fruits, vegetables and meat products as possible will help reduce your family’s exposure to pesticides and chemicals substantially.

2. Enjoy Better Tasting and More Nutritious Food

Numerous studies have revealed that foods which have been grown organically contain higher amounts of nutrients than those grown in non-organic environments. Minerals, vitamins, micronutrients and enzymes are all present in far higher amounts in organic foods because the soil they are grown in has not been depleted of its natural goodness. The Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine conducted a review of 41 different published studies that compared the nutritional value of food that was organically grown to that which was grown conventionally. Results clearly showed that organic crops and meats contained far higher concentrations of nutrients.

The review further noted that five servings of organic fruits and vegetables are able to provide an adequate amount of Vitamin C each day, while the same amount of servings of conventionally grown foods doesn’t. Organic foods have the ability to provide up to 30% more Vitamin C and magnesium, and 14% more phosphorus than non-organic foods products. Another benefit of consuming organic foods is that their higher nutrient contents and the fact that they are grown naturally outdoors make them tastier than conventionally grown foods.

3. Avoid Exposure to Antibiotics and Hormones in Animal Products

If you and your family enjoy eating meat, chances are that you are consuming relatively high amounts of antibiotics and hormones if non-organic products are purchased. Growth hormones and antibiotics that are fed to conventionally raised animals are passed directly into the meat and dairy products that are then consumed by you and your family. Even cooking these meats at high temperatures doesn’t remove or reduce the hormone content in them.

Potential side effects of consuming these hormones and antibiotics on a regular basis include the development of tumors, early onset of puberty, a higher risk of developing various forms of cancer and a wide range of genetic disorders and conditions. A senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Karim Ahmed (PhD) said that the excessive use of antibiotics “is perhaps one of the most serious public health problems the country faces. We’re talking about rendering many of the most important antibiotics ineffective.”

4. Do your Bit to Reduce Pollution and Protect Natural Resources

All of the chemicals in pesticides and conventional fertilizer products are polluting the soil and environment in general – especially potable water supplies, which are dwindling fast. This is in turn destroying water supplies and valuable farmlands. When you support organic farmers, you are also supporting the use of safe and natural fertilizer products, which do not cause damage to these precious resources.

5. Enjoy Having a Healthier Family

When you choose to switch as many conventionally grown foods as possible for organic alternatives, you will be able to rest assured that your family will be healthier in the long term. Consuming foods that naturally have higher concentrations of vitamins and minerals means that you will need to rely less on supplementation to stay fit, energetic and healthy. Over the long term, you could find that your family is not sick as often as they used to be as well, which will save money on doctor’s visits.

If you think that it will be ‘too expensive’ to switch over to an all-organic diet, it’s important to consider the fact that it could potentially save you money on health care costs in the long term. When shopping at farmer’s markets, you could even find that you are able to obtain a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables for a fraction of the price of those being charged at popular chain stores.

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